Client Service

We appreciate your interest to invest in an item of jewellery or watch from Essardas Group. Customer satisfaction motivates everyone at Essardas, and we intend to provide you with excellent service throughout the entire lifetime of the treasured item you purchase from us.


In this section, we would like to outline the most important services we are able to offer


Bespoke Jewellery

At Essardas, we stock a very large range of exclusive, one-of-a-kind items of beautiful jewellery. We do however understand that you may wish to customise an item exclusively, to suit your tastes, your personality, as well as, your budget. It is with this in mind that we use the latest state of the art technology to develop and design your ideas into a personalised piece of jewellery. With specialized CAD-CAM software, we can create 3 dimensional images of jewellery items, allowing you to see exactly how they will look prior to having them cast and produced. This bespoke service can also be applied to old, broken or unused pieces of your own jewellery that you may wish to have reworked to create a modern and unique item.

Diamond Mounting Services

Tastes are constantly changing and what you like today, you may not like tomorrow. It is for this very reason that we carry a large inventory of ring, earring and pendant mounts should you wish to update the look of your jewellery. We offer same day diamond and gemstone mounting services for items purchased from us and also for your own your gemstones should you wish to preserve your original stones in a new setting.

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Engraving your jewellery gives it significance and is the ultimate way of adding your own personalization. We offer personalized engraving services on all jewellery items and on the majority of metal varieties. Our in-house jewellery benchmaster will engrave your jewellery, to your liking, to provide a truly exceptional look.

Insurance Valuations

It is important to achieve peace of mind by ensuring that all your valuable jewellery has been fully insured allowing you to make a claim should the need arise. We employ a team of fully qualified GIA Gemologists and Diamond Graders who are able to examine your jewellery and provide a written valuation. The insurance valuation we issue acts as a legal document that you can submit to your insurance providers.
Valuation services also tend to be used by clients for probate, private sale or even for personal interest.



Jewellery Repair and Cleaning Services

Our jewellery workshop can offer the following services, many of which are provided on a same-day return basis :
• Diamond and gemstone remounting and replacement
• Engraving
• Threading of pearls and other beaded necklaces
• Repairs and replacements to jewellery catches, shanks, settings and clasps
• Polishing and cleaning of jewellery
• Rhodium plating.
• Ring sizing service

Jewellery Service Centre

A large majority of our clients are visitors to Gibraltar, and whilst many tend to visit Gibraltar often, there are others who visit less frequently or have no plans to re-visit anytime soon. It is for this reason that we have decided to set up one service centre in the UK to cater for any repairs or services required by our EU clients. Another service centre has been set up in the US to cater for our North American clients. Get in touch with us for further details.



Sourcing of Diamonds & Luxury Timepieces

We are connected to some of the world’s most renowned diamond cutting companies who are able to provide us access to some of the rarest diamonds ever found. Additionally, we have firm contacts within the retail and wholesale industries, enabling us to source any prestigious watch brand at discounted prices. For all your diamond and luxury timepiece needs, contact us for a prompt no obligation quote.

Watch Repair & Valet Services

We provide professional maintenance services on all timepieces. Battery replacement, waterproof reseal, polish and valet are just some of the services we are able to provide through our affiliation to a Swiss certified Watchmaker with years of valuable experience, gained by working with the most prestigious Swiss timepieces. Furthermore should your watch require any services that require changing parts, we have access to original parts and genuine movements that can be replaced with a prompt turnaround service.